Digital Customer Analytics Sr Consultant at American Cancer Society (Atlanta, Georgia)

This position will provide reporting; analysis; and strategic support for the organizations digital strategies. This role will develop clear business and measurement objectives for each digital initiative through collaboration with internal customers and marketing team members. This position requires an eye for numbers; intellectual curiosity; proficiency at problem solving; a strong command of digital media; an understanding of traditional media; and strong presentation skills.

Provides operational direction and support during product development cycle; including Google Analytics and Omniture implementation assistance; QA; and deployment.
Account and web property configuration
Creating and managing web properties
Getting page tracking code
Modifications for cross-domain; subdomain configurations
Property configuration (time zone; URL parameters; site search; goals; commerce; etc.)
Filters and filtered profiles
User management
On-page implementation
Page tracking code placement and conditions
Working with server-side data in the standard page code
Modifying page names and setting custom variables
Handling additional GA settings in page code
Campaign customizations
Traffic sources customizations
Cookie and tool configuration
Ecommerce / conversion
Social sharing/widget tracking
Understanding events in Google AnalyticsReporting
Designs and develops web analytics reports in line with business requirements.
Supports monthly reporting activities in a timely and accurate fashion. Analyzes monthly trends and observations.
Provides monthly reporting for E-Revenue and provides ad hoc support as needed.
Provides a monthly executive summary of monthly trends and observations for digital properties and E-Revenue.Analysis
Track and analyze site performance as well as ensure platform stability through clickstream; pathing; and e-commerce conversion analyses
Conducts and synthesizes quantitative and qualitative analysis that identifies segmentation strategies; tracks marketing performance outcomes; and identifies profiles; trends; triggers; and migration patterns in high priority customer/consumer groups.
Leverages information assets to report and analyze customer demographics and behaviors with the primary goal of presenting strategic engagement segmentation recommendations.
Applies various quantitative methods to analyze and interpret information from multiple data sources while providing a layer of strategic thinking and insight generation.
Provides actionable insights; including analysis and recommendations to Interactive and New Media leads; Customer Insight and Experience leads; business unites; and Divisions.
Collaborates with the E-Revenue team to support reporting; analysis; and optimization. Proactively recommends strategies and tactics to improve conversion through web; mobile; email campaigns; social media; SEO; and SEM.
Summarize performance metrics with the identification of drivers of success for specific campaigns; communications; and digital engagement strategies.
Independently develops consumable presentation and communications tools around drivers of success for priority activities and shares recommendations to stakeholders in workshop presentations; conference calls; in-person meetings; and white papers.
Collaborates with the Digital Activation team to support new projects; design and implement measurement models based on business goals; and measure optimization activities.
Contributes to the establishment of a consistent and repeatable optimization strategy that is based on observational inquiry; hypothesis formation; testing; and analysis.
Works with the Digital Activation team to define overall Key Performance Indicators.
Work with stakeholders as needed to understand trends and best practices and trouble shoot issues that arise.
Contributes to the ongoing effort to integrate digital data with customer relationship data to drive targeting; measurement; and insights.

Position Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in the area of business, math or statistics is desirable.
At least 3 years professional experience in digital analytics is required.
Prior experience on a marketing-based team preferred.

Technical Skills
Omniture implementation, reporting, and analysis experience required
Google Analytics implementation, reporting, and analysis experience required
Knowledge of Web Measurement Technologies: Ad serving platforms, website analytics software, and paid search engine marketing data sources
Experience with Enterprise Level Reporting, OLAP, and Business Intelligence Tools (Business Objects, Crystal Reports, MicroStrategy, Cognos, etc.)
Database analysis skills: Oracle or SQL Server
Working knowledge of statistical packages like SAS or SPSS

Work Style Skills
Good communication skills, especially the ability to discuss quantitative findings in easy-to-understand terms in verbal and written formats.
Consistent ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
Is aware of and works to understand the needs of key stakeholders, and solicits their input and feedback throughout the analytical and reporting process.
Strong customer-service orientation and positive, can-do attitude
Ability to foster a cooperative work environment and to freely give and receive feedback.
Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.

Preferred Additional Qualifications: Knowledge of visualization techniques for data analysis
High Proficiency with Excel: Able to design/use pivot tables and advanced Excel functions
Demonstrates ability to monitor trends in data and assist with exploring data interrelationships and drivers of performance.
Demonstrates strong detail orientation and good ability to implement quality control processes.
Excellent written and oral communications skills
Knowledge of marketing segmentation strategies, statistical modeling, and test design.
Knowledge of evaluation of marketing ROI, conversion funnels analysis, and conversion optimization.
Experience with social media and mobile tracking a bonus.

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