Analytics Mission Statement and Team Structure

Analytics Mission Statement: “Bring data to the masses and make data-driven decision making a reality”

How do you build an analytics team? Tell your manager you need money to measure social media! No seriously, I heard it’s easy to hire people, everyone on the “interweb” is “social media experts”. For some of us, we have multi-channels analytics need, SEM, Display Advertising, good ole fashion Direct Marketing and a whole bunch of other internal data we need to deal with. Building a team could be quite daunting.

Before I starts the usual blah blah on how to do hiring, I want to share a story.  In the not so distanced past, I had my career review(here at the mother ship we take it seriously), the memorable feedback I received stand in my way of promotion is leadership. “You have excellent management skill, Meng; but you need to improve you leadership” said my manager.

What is Leadership? For me, leadership is to have vision, to anticipate future growth and direction of the company, have the courage to take calculated risk and execute. So…do you have the vision, courage and patience to bring ass-kicking analytics practices, insights and in turn “mucho mullah $$$” to your company? Do you have the courage to take calculated risk? Be the Hokage of your clan, leads your ninjas to bring insights to your organization against the corporate hacks, bureaucrats and simple-minded marketers (I kid, I kid, I am a marketer at heart). Have you been wrong many times? If you haven’t, it’s time you try something new because you haven’t been “A/B testing” everyday and doing your “MVT”. In fact, My A and B both sucks many times!

Our team has very rigorous process of setting yearly commitment tied to precise deliverable. Having a analytics mission statement help guides me to focus on the right thing and not waste resources. I know mission statement is corny, I don’t care, I am writing it anyway. My team’s mission statement is “Bring data to the masses and make data-driven decision making a reality”. Here are a few sub-objectives to bring more clarity to that mission statement:

  1. Build a sustainable data infrastructure (must..resist..the knock..Google Analytics) to measure multi/cross-channels digital marketing ROI. I have two types of audiences: a. the big bosses, you know, the gazillions Directors, GMs, VPs around here. b. the marketers and agencies. For the big bosses, we deliver “BI” and KPI, for the marketers, we delivers data (see #2). We build platforms and tools to enable marketing operation, reporting and analytics, share best practices and improve Go-To-Market efficiency. For example, we build our own data warehouse and segmentation tools, our own marketing process management workflow tool and execute our direct marketing, all in-house because scale is the challenge with everything we do here. Our scale is enormous in comparison to other companies, we collect petabyte of data, from which I need only a few drops of marketing traffic, a strict qualitative ROI model would’ve #failed as our primary objective is still mainly to build brand. We have our internal awareness and perception tracking system to measure traditional media such as TV ads and brand improvement. We use comScore and Compete for research, out of those insights we then have to build targeting capabilities, it’s useless if we can act on these finding.
  2. Knows where my team fit in and build efficient organization structure. I am part of centralized Business Intelligence and Customer Intelligence team, we serve both product management and marketing and I am on the marketing side.  On the marketing side, each marketing department from different business groups have their own marketing analytics people, they are our partners. The reason behind this structure is ..well, it’s your money, if you wasted it buying $20 CPC keyword because your relevancy and quality score sucks, well it’s your fault. Simple as that.
  3. Review and improve our processes, conduct researches on various marketing campaigns and channels, share best practices across different business groups. Publish training and information so that marketers worldwide can efficiently leverage our capabilities.

Now I have a better idea on what type of resources I need to deliver my commitment. I have databases to maintain so I need a SQL expert. I have campaign sites to tag so I need an instrumentation consultant. I need to pull data regardless of what all the expert say, so I need reporting robot. Lastly I need “Analyst”, my ninjas, the one who dig into the data and find the golden nuggets. I am ready to build a team. As you can see, my needs are very different from yours, so my team would be very different from yours even though we are in the same analytics field of work.

If you have a mission statement for your team, I would love to hear it. If not, maybe it’s time to create one.

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