Neutrinos, Light Speed and Business

Business analysts might be able to learn something from quantum physicists. Consider this great article about a discovery that neutrinos might be able to travel faster than light—a feat thought physically impossible. It is a discovery that questions the most fundamental theories about the way the universe works (talk about promotion material!). But the scientists are not celebrating.

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3 Reasons I'm Not a Web Analyst

I’ve been proud to call myself a web analyst ever since I realized there was a title for it. It’s an emerging field full of talented people. Frankly, it’s the future of business management, and a web analyst possesses a critical skill set and mentality for any company to have.

I’ve come to realize, however, that I can no longer call myself a web analyst. There are three main reasons for this conclusion. Continue reading “3 Reasons I'm Not a Web Analyst”

Future of the Web Analyst

Tomorrow’s web analysts will look very different from today’s.

Being a web analyst today usually means being lonely. Most companies don’t hire full-time analysts to work onsite. They hire consulting agencies or they hire a web analyst and make them do SEM work on the side (or vice versa). In the few companies that do hire a full-time analyst, that person ends up being by themselves. That means being lumped into an existing organization that doesn’t make sense (IT, marketing, new media, etc.) and needing to defend analysis and recommendations alone. Continue reading “Future of the Web Analyst”