Blog Post from Around the Globe – Week of Jan 8 – Jan 15, 2012

Here are Analytics and Optimization blog posts from last week

Making Measurement Part of Your Marketing DNA All Analytics
Behind the Powerful 80-20 Rule, an Even More Powerful Statistical Trick All Analytics
Courtesy: What Comes Before Customer-Centricity Bryan Eisenberg
Amazon Homepage Redesign David Iwanow
Google Synonyms David Iwanow
Como escolher a ferramenta ideal para monitoramento em mídias sociais Leonardo Naressi
test Brian Ussery
Latest Posts and Chat, Looking forward to London Marshall Sponder
Meta Description Magic: Think Less about SEO & More about Click-Throughs Hiten Shah
On Using the Data You Control for Analytics, First… IIA
Extracting Insights From Data [cartoon] Daniel Waisberg
Dad is back and will lift your conversions Juan Damia
Why You Ought to Throw Away Your Vanity Metrics for These 5 Customer Metrics Hiten Shah
Social Media Sentiment: Don’t Get Caught Up In Raw Counts Anil Batra

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