Role of Search & Social Media in the Purchase Pathway

A recent study by GroupM studies the impact of Search and Social Media in purchase cycle. For this study Group partnered with Dell some key brands in telecommunications and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries.

GroupM developed this study along with comScore to understand the relationship between Search and Social media as it puritans to online purchase pathway all they way to conversion and brand loyalty.

The results shows that both Search and Social are very critical for not only initial conversions but also for brand loyalty.

Here are some key stats from the study

  • 51% of the conversion users rely on search only while 48% rely on both Search and Social Media.
  • The study found that 58% of the “Paths to Purchase” start at search while only 18% start with social media.
  • 25% of the users conducted brand product searches after visiting a brand site (either the brands own site or a competitors site)
  • 1.86% of the respondents cites search as begin very important
  • 2. 45% of people use search throughout the purchase process
  • 2. 26% use search only at the beginning of research and shopping process
  • 3.18% use search only at towards the end of the purchase cycle.
  • 4. 67% of the people site quality and depth of the information as a reason for using search engines
  • 50% of people indicated that they use search for deals and/or sales more often than pricing or store location
  • The duration of purchase path can be as long as 60 days (multiple categories were studied)
  • In last 30 days of that period search behavior intensifies.
  • What aids the purchase decision? 30% said User reviews, 17% Facebook, YouTube and other video sharing 14 and Twitter 9%
  • 64% of the people said they are likely to follow a brand via social media after a purchase
  • 74% of the people said the desired format for future engagement is via Facebook brand page

You can download the full study at

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