What is a HiPPO?

web analytics hippo

Web Analytics HiPPO

HiPPO, as it relates to web analytics, is an acronym for “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion” or “Highest Paid Person in Organization”, the term is widely used and made famous by Web Analytics guru Avinash Kasuhik (Not sure if he actually coined the term).

Many in the web analytics community believe that a person in Highest Paid Position is generally wrong because that makes random decision based on intuitions and instinct rather than data.


  1. […] image with more info made total sense. I was confident that I did not need any test (I sound like a HiPPO, right?). So So rather than waiting to conduct an A/B test we went ahead and made those changes. […]

  2. […] am aware that a large segment of the HIPPO market advocate visit based metrics*, but honestly, one can get into trouble if he blindly adheres to […]

  3. […] in your family, or in your state legislature. I bet there is a HIPP stomping all over you with his HIPPO right now. I bet he/she is telling you you’re wrong when you’re right, grabbing your […]

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