Winning with a laser-like approach in athletics and eCommerce

After the long buildup, I can’t believe the 2018 Winter Olympics have come and gone. What I appreciate about the Olympics is the hard work and sacrifice that each athlete undertakes to get there and for the select few, medal in the sport they love.

I came across this article  where the first lines state ‘Raise your game Love a sport? Get better with targeted training – Optimal performance. It’s what athletes seek no matter their chosen sport. ’ Even as a weekend warrior who dabbles in jiu-jitsu and boxing, I too implement a targeted approach in my training where I carefully balance the skill work of jiu-jitsu/boxing with endurance, strength and conditioning activities. If having a targeted training strategy works for both high level and recreational athletes, then why aren’t digital marketers implementing a more targeted, highly segmented approach to their online visitors to help drive increased revenues?

Digital marketers – are you helping build or bring down your brand’s name with a non-targeted approach?

Consider my recent experiences with online retailers:

  • Purchased a pair of jeans last month and have since received 18 emails in the last 30 days about purchasing more jeans (seriously how many jeans does a guy need)
  • Shopped for a pair of running shoes when I get shown offers for basketball shoes (never played basketball)
  • Bought an infant toy when my niece was born – that company now emails me on a regular basis with suggestions for toddler toys

 The first two examples have no clue about relevancy targeting while the last one understands my behavior and thus will continue to earn my business.

How machine learning can help digital marketers create relevant content at the right time

In order to beat your completion, you first must truly understand your web visitors. Today’s ‘one-size’ fits all digital marketing approach will simply not work. Just like some Pyeong Chang athletes outperformed the ones in Sochi, digital marketers need to make it their daily mission to get better than they were yesterday. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, machine learning can be your tool in helping you become a top-tier digital marketer. There are some machine learning algorithms that can now score all your web visitors on their level of engagement on your site thus making it easier for you to target them with an appropriate message at the precise time that will increase their chances of converting.

Saw this quote from a Techtarget article ‘Facebook achieved web dominance by riding a business model of understanding users and feeding them tailored content and advertising.’  In today’s e-commerce world, it’s a daily fight to get ahead of your competitors.

What are your thoughts in using machine learning for implementing highly targeted content for your web visitors?

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