Getting Started with Web Analytics

This is a beginner guide to getting started with Web Analytics.

The easiest way to get start with web analytics and start tracking your own site or blog is to use Google Analytics.
You will need:

  • A Google Account – to sign up for Google Analytics
  • Access to your sites code to add a small JavaScript code to all the pages.

Sign into with your Google Account and follow the instructions on the screen.

Finally you will get to a page that will give a JavaScript code that you will need to copy and paste on the source code of all the pages on your site. If you site has a common header or footer file then just stick the code in that file. If you do not have a common header or footer then you will have to copy this code on every page.


After 24-48 hours you should start to see the data in your reports. You can access your reports by going to

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